SR 712 BM Litronic

        With its robust and effectively practical components, the crawler tractor PR 754 Litronic features outstanding availability, even under the toughest operating conditions. It also features a an electronically controlled, hydrostatic cooling system and all components of the drive line are actively monitored by the Litronic control system. Even in this performance class, the hydrostatic travel drive always guarantees optimum dozing and ripping outputs, from start-up of the machine up to maximum speed. As the power transmission from the diesel engine to the tracks is selected automatically and without switch stages, even the most extreme applications can be overcome safely and with utmost efficiency.

Engine output Operating weight Blade capacity Travel speed
250 kW/340 HP
(ISO 9249)
34,990 - 40,815 kg 8.90 - 11.7 mm3 0 - 11 km/h