A 309 Litronic

        The crawler tractor PR 724 B Litronic features outstanding levelling properties due to its long travel drive, elastic components with oscillating equalizer bar. Uneveness of the ground is compensated and impacts are effectively cushioned. The state-of-the-art design allows an optimum view of the working attachment and the electronic Litronic control system allows easy, safe and precise fine levelling. The PR 724 B Litronic is particularly economical due to its power conversion to all speed ranges.

Motor gücü Çalışma ağırlığı Bıçak kapasitesi Hızı
120 kW/163 HP
(ISO 9249)
16,800 - 20,300 kg 3.17 - 4.27 m3 0 - 11 km/h