R 9250

        The main features of the wheel loader L 556 2plus2 are cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. In practice, this wheel loader consumes up to 25 % less fuel than comparable machines from other manufacturers under the same operating conditions. This success is the result mainly of the "2plus2" drive technology, a further optimisation of the hydrostatic travel drive. The new drive technology is based on one gear with two different sized hydraulic motors directly mounted, each equipped with a separate coupling. As at least one of the hydraulic motors is alternatively active when accelerating or decelerating, the wheel loader smoothly adapts itself to the required travel speed and drawbar pull independently to every operational situation.

Devirme Yükü Kova kapasitesi Çalışma ağırlığı Motor gücü
13,140 kg 3,6 - 6,0 m3 17,270 kg 140 kW/190 HP
(ISO 9249)